Land South of Somewhere



High in the turret perched

overlooking the

Land South of Somewhere

morning brushes her face

as she peers through the misty veil

that lays over the tree shrouded mountains

she wonders about her fate

she wonders about his too

she knows they shall never speak again

for one another to hear

it was a moment

just a quick inhale

in a length of time

called a life

that living it meant only those moments

now memories left carved deep into hearts

that are woven into souls

in this land of slow drawn speech

she came quietly to seek

the reprieve she needed to heal

that she might move on

knowing memories of him

are forever carried deep


Land South of Somewhere

marks painful time in drops of life blood

til the sunsets after the rain

wash away some of the immediate pain

that once again she might breathe

at the least to walk down over the next hill



Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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