fragments of memento mori



remember you must die

with the remembering 

comes the living more sensitively


the sip of coffee becomes the last drink

the view of the tree out the window

becomes that last look


in each moment that death is remembered

living becomes that more grand in the simplicity


why do we look for ways to dull our senses when 

we are down about our circumstances

we do it to die rather than live

yet living through, promises the triumph

of knowing we can do it

we can make it through and be more

than the circumstances that seemed 

at a point before to control us


Look for life in the reminders of death

that living might be just that grand 

in the schema of human strifes

there is living to be done

surprises to take in with our breaths




she feels convicted by words on a page

then not wanting to deal within

she stomps on the author to end

denial is her only friend

yet in the acts of desired hurt

she forgets her life is worth 

as much as any human’s

for death is but one last breath

but living is exactly what she might make of it

she is scared of her own shadow

so screams and screeches at others

with grand bravado

as if that makes her taller and stronger

she missed yet another chance to

begin her life and shape it

with an attitude of gratitude

her green eyes dart around 

to find anyone else to criticize

so she does not have to experience

her own life

then take responsibility for living


she has neglected memento mari

yet others see it in her

to then live with their own purpose

more greatly convicted


come forth glory

of the life

living brings!




he sucks down yet another drink

in hopes he can forget what he can not now change

while he is wallowing in self pity

he is justifying by shaming and blaming others

yet if he sobered to recognize the skull

simply reminds that 

he too can take charge of his own life

begin again to shape with his own breath

what he wants in these breathless moments

before tipping off the mountain top

to exhilirate in the moments 

he can now appreciate

knowing that every human is promised death

every human can make life at his best

bring the senses out of the fog

rise up knowing them 

embrace as a part of the whole

and BE which is great.






through blue lenses reflect such wondrous light

tis fine imperfect as wabi sabi 

for in those cracks 

more light

more living

more reminders

than soon enough

life ends

make of it 

what she can

while she can.

Lenses of blue light

reflecting back again.





no, work is what he knows

what defines him most

he missed out on several chances

he may well miss out yet again.

Humbleness is becoming.

When pride is set aside

connections can be made

yet again…..

for there was a willingness

still is

that living can be done

together now and then


see what can happen

if only you let your full self

be what it has hope it could be

in spite of your grabbing

holding your breath

so that living did not have to accept

the imperfections of building connections

one living stone moment at a time


breathe then live

beginnings are available

as long as aire can be taken in


living is not predictable but

aye aye captain

death is.





We set sail tomorrow

with cracks here and there

will we make it in storms

of course as long as life

is reminded of its preciousness

as death is all we can count upon.


Breathe in

Exhale out

Look at the sails fill with wind

Remember to stand at the bow

Smile as the miles of ocean

fold under the ship.


Purpose of living 

is what we each make of it.


© 1998-2016 by KLB

Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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