stepping out into the crisp coldness

what would have been expected darkness

was ever so lit up by the full moon

mystery of thousands of years ago

is about to happen again

the third in a tetrad

a blood moon

total lunar eclipse

simply standing there bundled in heavy sweaters

watching and experiencing

if I squint my ears

I can almost hear the light wooshing

 as the moon orbits

then a delicate little grating as the earth lines up

between sun and that brilliant moon

the experience is awe inspiring

reminding me that this universe

far greater than my mere speck

likely knows so much more

than I will ever be able to know

I am humbled

with a sudden little tear dribbling down

my cold soft cheek

how fortunate am I to be a part

of so much great vastness

to be a tiny little observer

of just a minor little part of a whole

I step back inside

behind the windowed door

that I might get warm

yet continue to see

as the lunar eclipse unfolds

I find myself looking full on

into the moon’s beautiful face

as I hear your voice from afar

reminded me that you are

a huge ocean away where you remain

forever engaged in a land that does not let go

I am in love with the moon

I am in love with the ocean

I am in love with you

In these moments

love becomes more real

than my even breathing

or your heart’s continual beat

In these moments nothing is unknown

everything is new in astounding brilliance

My ancestors smile

My children grin

You and I

we kiss like it is our first

all over again

Then I turn to watch the earth

cast shadows across that moon

once we called ours

It really is a small part

of this huge universe



Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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