veil of tears


the gurgling brook found its way to that little foot

twirling the toes in the coolness as it swirled past

with little stifled giggles lest she be noticed

sun dappling light across her hair

she skipped along the bank as if

that one drop of liquid might be caught

that was then and this is now

rejoice in the memories revisited as she sits at her window

 a cup full of moon to replenish  Thine evergrowing Heart

delicate little breath in  ~ rides the faerie to hold with open palms

as if blown from the lips of Love directly infusing  Thy Soul

tears flow ~ a healing waterfall over the edges of a few craggy rocks

rinsed free of the little particles of sand once lodged

jagged sharps smoothed by Thine veil of tears

The Heart’s Kiss is pure LOVE

welcome Lovely Friend ~ Angel of LOVE

whispers ~ I Love You ~ no matter what

Memories sifted by years

bubble to the surface

reminding of those years

when relationships were with held

becuz adults were unable to get along

and as a little girl

it was confusing

but as an adult

it is now clear.

LOVE no matter what

will always and forever prevail.

Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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