… from deep inside


how many kisses of the passion mixed with morning mists must now await



I traveled forever in the deserts of a million temples built by emperors devastated



struck dumb in the breaths of fears trembling for evers unknown



lonely sings the wailing of the notes yet to be sung 



give sound to the chords of a million tongues



wandering across the skies that venus would have begun 



laying down among the cosmic trails of long lost stars burst



shall that even one more soul find this my despair untortured



firmly deconstructed the bare threads once woven immortal



before the greyness of the nights’ fall comes the shrouded washed out blues



if it twould be the place to then find you



would then I gladly stand to await Thine arrival 



shift locks of hair away from the face now bared



tis but the eyes leading down into the depths



suddenly apparitons hide to not realize Thine softness bequeathed



there were torments that might have been fortold yet dismissed



oh to please you with every last longing breath





~ going deep that I might find the whispers centuries had left ~ 





Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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