how does one describe this …


There is a hollowness that feels heavier than the aire inhaled and held there.


This gasp now held still as silence passes through this.


My heart whispers imperceptible longing for your eyes to hold it close ~ yours to mine.





Those days way back when ………….


The farmhouse sat on its own solid ground surrounded by miles of pastures and hayfields waiting to be gleaned alongside the chopped cornfields as off in the distance the ghost of a cornshucker could almost be heard being operated by several long gone men.


On the old wrap around porch she stood with one arm hugging the round white column that held the roof above.  Her eyes squinting into the sun that was effortlessly heading to the edge of the earth as her lips persed to whistle for the old mare.  Wisps of golden reddish hair blown across her left cheek sprinkled with freckles her Aunty had called angel kisses, she leaned forward toward mother earth as if to take flight at the last breathtaking moment when the sun slipped from the earth.



Flowers plucked from vines and leaves much earlier now slightly wilting in the basket gave off the most gentle scent like the breath of a new born babe washed in lotions and swathed in cotton smocked cloth.  Her nose twitched as it caught the posies scent…….. leaving the impression forever deep in her tender heart.



The creak of the screen door startled her back to the first touches of the night aire as her Uncle stepped out and walked firmly to the porch swing calling her name to come sit a spell with him and his promise of more railroad stories to unfold until her head would nod drowsy next to sleep.




Tis a captured time when all the senses were so alive and impressionable……. a time that now is brought up into the present mind as much older she sits staring across the landscape to the east …… wondering……..




Author: kateylb

Life is too short and I have already been here too long. This process of being IN LOVE with LOVE Has been worth the life lived.

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